CALL lesson CALLED me =)

We came the end of one more term. At the beginning of it seems that it does not became end. I had a number of ideas about the CALL lesson at the beginnig, ıf you wanna I mention briefly :

‘’…When I think about computer as a lesson,ı don’t realize necessarity of it. At first grade, we had a lesson as the same, we had worked as group of 4, but it is not easy to work as a group also on internet. Every week we had to share something about new topic, but my group friends didnt interest with it , just 2 of us worked and shared,and this situation made me bore.

On the other way , we will be teachers , and we have to use computer ,internet perfectly. It’ll help us in school,so ı think that ı must get rid of ideas of mine,and should begin to interest my new blog =)
To do these,I’m here.these are my reasons for choicing this lesson.
This semester CALL lesson will call me , ı hope=)’’


            These are my thoughts about call lesson. Now when reading them, I am loughing myself. This lesson changed my ideas entirely. Although it was so kept busy me each week. Writing reflection is so boring and seem unnneccessity, but 2 and 3 weeks are finished, I get that this is so easy and beneficial to me. It was just a half hour, and to collect my information about new knowledges in wordpress so good to be back and remember all. As a result, ı begin to get rid of my first reflection,and trying to process my writing skill,and also I need more information to write in my reflection , so I begin to listen lessons so carefully. When I missed some knowledges, I searched them using internet. the more ı searched,the more I learnt. We used websites learnt at lesson used with our friends to do homework. Most entertained us while using.

Computer is in all my life,but I differ that ı m not doing beneficial things using it. Just facebook, twitter sometimes videos on youtube, all time skype log in. But now I m reading newspaper using pressreader,and the most important thing to me TED talks. I liked them and now all time one is played on my computer when ı keep busy something. Also ı m listening NPR both computer and phone. TED Talks are the same, my phone is downloaded,and when I  am on the road,bus etc.

And finally I wanna talk about impression of Sedat teacher. He is so relax,and an addicted coffee =) His approached us so friendly on lessons,so when ı was on lesson ,ı dont feel a serious circumstances. This made me relax in addition to Mr. Akayoğlu,and ı could ask what ı dont understand. All time I received positive feedbacks, Thanks to him , my  ideas are partially changed.

            I explained my first reflection, ı choose this lesson to be a prospective teacher, and I think that talking above is so enough to learn whether my desires are provided or not.

And finally ;


Weebly and Second Life

Last lesson and last informations about our final task. we are lucky, so our lovely teacher had met a new side previous day, and he changed our final project. it is good news cause prezi more difficult than it. we learn that we will disagn a website using weebly. ı heard first its name,after some information about that, we began to discover. really it is so easy,but you dont create a new side just adapting choosing one of prepared page.Weebly’s well-organized interface makes it easy to see at a glance what it has to offer. Like Webnode, it has a series of menus across the top for easy access to its key features. A simple drag and drop is all it takes to add text, images or forms to your Weebly website. 
         What is Weebly for Education?

  • ƒ A free service for teachers & students to easily build websites (used by over 100,000 teachers & students) 
  •  Teachers can create classroom websites & manage the sites created by their students ƒ              
  • Students can create websites for projects & e-portfolios

Why do teachers & students love Weebly?
Teachers can: Create powerful classroom websites (that include photo
galleries, videos, audio clips, blogs, contact forms & more),  Accept homework assignments online ,Provide students a new, engaging way to express themselves
creatively, Easily manage & monitor students’ websites

Students can: Build attractive, media rich websites, Work within a managed, controlled environment, Gain exposure to new web technologies & services, Have fun while completing assignments, Showcase their work in a self-created e-portfolio.

Secon topic is “second life”. People are called in two way today some are “digital immigrants” who meet with technology long after they were born and the others “ digital natives” who born with technology. when ı heard it first, ı remember the game of SIMS=) but it s not a game, The goal is simple: Players enter a multiplayer online world and go on quests alone or with other people. You play until you can’t level up anymore. Plenty of addicted players hit that ceiling quickly, so much like someone who devours a book in three hours and can’t bear to part with the characters, “WoW” players simply go back to the beginning and start over.

again it s a week which is full a lot of knowledges. ı dont know should ı be happy or upset? but ı wont lie ım little bit happy to get rid of reflections =)


This week is more different than others. our new topic is podcasts. ı saw this a lot,but ı didnt prepare before about it something. it is about recording voice . you choose a topic and you tslk about it recording your last you will share . it s so easy to us, and our topic was so good.we talked about our failures. when ı read it first, ı didnt find anything about failures,and ı begin to think such a failure woman ı am =) and then when ı think deeply, ı find one thing,one other,one other… immediately thinkings are refuted cause evey one has so many failures in her life. not a failure no body be succesfull. So this topic remind me ı need to think about my past,and ı should try to compare with my present.

and the other thing in so far as ı remember is ‘NPRwhich is one  important site being National Public Radio.( )It is similar to TRT in Turkey. it s a radio but you can find a lot of video in every topic what you want. There are  some speeches under the headings of  news, arts&life, music, programs topics.For example, you choose headline of  the technology .There are speeches about  the  technology and  you can download these speeches as MP3s.. ıts so beneficial for ELT students. ım 3. grade,but ı have not known about it anything. its so awful. now ım trying to detect it deeply. ı find a radio station belonging to Boston . ı saved it to my computer,and when ı busy some thing ,its playing on background. also ı find TED talks station . ı like ted talks cause they are short when ı listen them , ım not bored,and ı learn many thing about the world., so when ı saw it’s station ı was so happy.

Again it was a nice week being full of useful knowledges.

Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper

Stories are the best way to teach English for young learners also my favorite way,so ı am upset to miss this week,but ı get some informations doing my tasks. I dont say like it too much cause it was very tired me to prepare new story by using Story jumper.As a result, I decided to use prepared story in my class , they will be so proffessional thus my students will have also so relax teacher =) Im kidding of course =)this site is very beneficial to all. Especially for student it makes them more creative. students can develop ideas on a topic and share the book they prepared with their friends.Also they can create new character and this makes them so happy cause to produce new things always be exited to young learners,and thus they will both produce and learn busying wit their story.  in another aspect, they can share them to others and show theirs , so they will be in a competition, this situation makes them so creative overstate. Story jumper also allow us to make a book created stories as well as it was so good price. just 24,95 $. it is free to sign up to buy it up to you,but ı decided to buy. it was so proudly to me=) 

The other topic is Digital Storytelling. it was tired a little bit. we are producing our stories using movie maker. it was so known proggramme,ı used it before to adapt an add. that was too difficult to me cause ı used it firstly, but now ı didnt slong much. just there was a difficulties to regulate passings between the sounds and the pictures at the same time,but when ı did it the others came quickly. ı Thing that ı ll use digital storytelling more cause it seems so update to me also everyone knows something about it,and impossible to forget cause you can store your movies as very easy and whenever you want, you can reach them easily. 

the bad side of the week not upload my video to digital storytelling. ı dont know why ? but ı wanna share with you as possible.


What are these ? to guess is very easy. they are occuring a big part of our lifes. One of them is Facebook. ı wanna begin to explain with it cause any more there is nobody to not know it. ı can give an example my cousins are using it they are just 8. ı dont know how is it pervade quickly ? there is no answer cause we did not differ it when it is being center of our life. Im the one who is using it momently=) Also I feel myself good spending time on facebook. Im beginnig to read cricatures ,so the time is going on. of course ım not spending time just reading caricatures,this is just a big part of it, I have a lot of groups still joining on. of course all are about  lessons. one of them is CALL=) the other one is translation. Im using both of us as more actively. Facebook is very beneficial social platform if you know how to use.One of the most important benefits is  facebook allows you to connect with people from your past and show them how you’ve changed for the better. You can make amends,and connect with someone you never thought you’d see again. This can be a good thing if you’ve got unresolved issues with that individual.

Twitter – How can ı say about it?When ı first meet with it, ı said ‘never ı have used it’, but know it is like my messenger service the same as my mobile phone =) I begin to use it for a radio proggramme. my favorite vj was using twitter,and he accepted message just from twitter. I succeed after some testings,but ı differ it is more useful than facebook cause twitter has high class people and u can following them which one you want, so ı advice you I think all of you are closed an account and begun to use twitter.=) Twitter provides me with an opportunity to join a group of interest by following others who are influential within my niche.  we can also use Twitter to communicate new ideas with people and test public opinion. Since Twitter is very simple to use and is limited to 140 characters, mobile use with Twitter is also easy. You can both send and receive updates what you and your friends are doing on the go using a simple SMS. Twitter can be a great mobile communication tool,but there are some limitations. one of them is about characters. you can write just 140, sommetimes it is not enough to explain your feelings, especially when you full with words.

and the last one is skype. it is not so common now, but we have  to use it any more cause it is combined with messenger. it is like messenger, but it is so fast. you can talk with your friends who are living foreign countries. ı did,and ı am so pleased. you can also take a skype card and talk with somebody when you are voyage out. it is so cheap and so fast. when you begin to use , you will get me.

I hope you will read my reflection,and ı hope these will help you to write your reflection=)

Not Wiziq- wizIQ


Today’s topic is wizIQ,but I dont know still why is it written this type? =) All ı have learned, wizIQ is an online learning platform. The site is designed to help students and teachers find each other, and to provide an online virtual classroom learning environment. Used for everything from teaching courses at major universities to offering guitar lessons one-on-one across thousands of miles, WizIQ is an incredibly flexible tool for delivering and enhancing any type of training or instruction. WizIQ also offers a content library, a test/assessment module, teacher profiles, and public classes by experts. You can leran from experts on a subject or ask question from there which is also a good feature of it. This technology is essential to distance education,so it was very useful, but not lazy students like me =) Im a student belonging to classical learning methods =) but on the other hand, it was a huge advantage to teacher who is taking up. it is free to teacher and students, and to talk transformative you can build a series of whiteboards and video recordings remotely and in real time based on everything from direct student questions to student discussions and facial expressions that are actually easier to observe on a webcam than in a crowded classroom,so its modern and flexible form rather.

‘nicenet and dokeos’

As I have learned on this week ,there are 2 sites for online teaching. One of them is ,and the other is

Nicenet  is a free discussion forum which can be used by all educators. A discussion forum is a public classroom forum for creating, discussing and reflecting on ideas.Students respond to various topics under what is called “conferencing,” usually posted in advance by the teacher. Depending on the purpose of the writing, it may be revised or not. The writing can be informal and shared with others in the class or it can be a final draft posted for assessment by other students and the teacher. It is expected that students will be respectful of the writing and opinions of others and that they will respond accordingly. “Conferencing” is what you will use to create topics to which students will respond in writing and then reply to each other. “Link-sharing” is for you to post links that you think will be helpful to students. “Class administration” is important because it gives you the option of letting students also post conference topics and links. The advantages of using is that shy students, who are reluctant to speak up in class, feel very comfortable writing their opinions and replying to other students. Also, students can learn from each others’ writing, especially if you are using for the posting of writing assignments. Students can learn to help each other by clicking on “reply” and asking questions if what they read is confusing or missing something. Students can reply by pointing out specifically what they like about a piece of writing. Another advantage is that the teacher does not have to upload files to a remote server to have student writing published on the Internet. This is a very fast way to have student writing published on the Internet. the disadvantage is that graphics and design elements cannot be easily used in Only writing can be displayed, no graphics or design elements. All I know in dokeos face to face and online education are mixed.  It enables the teacher to organize teaching using the features such as conference, chat, blogs and forums. The teacher can decide on the features and select them according to the learner’s needs. It  includes chat sessions which are saved automatically and saved in chat log file, which can be used later during the course also it allows teachers to adapt the tools in line with learners’ needs, which gives a sense of control and security.